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Fairy Fighting Online :

A Hentai Game produced by Eluku Designs featuring a Naked Fairy woman fighting with an assortment of monsters and getting beaten up or raped in progressively more violent styles. It contains content across a wide range of fetishes. This is online game with good animations in game play.

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Fairy Fighting

A one-on-one aspect scrolling fighter that calls back to common games like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. In fact in Fairy Fighting the sport looks to be largely targeted on the highly sexualized, hentai aspects of the matches, created by Eluku99  the design, attacks and theme of Fairy Fighting fall beneath the class Ryonani Gameplay.

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The online game concentrates on an Elvish Fairy names Tiki, and like most old school fighting games there is small to no plot to the series except that Tiki must take part in Grudge matches.

In standard game play mode the protagonis, Tiki has to fight her way through Thirteen monsters with various levels of difficulty. The controls and game play are under development, as are the attacks and finishing animations but at this time no animations or reward has been offered for finishing the game complete.

Additional to standard game play mode there is a ‘Watch’ mode where two computer controlled characters can be made to duke it out, a training mode, and player modes for each of the thirteen bosses. Cheat modes are also available to select a given level or to give unlimited Hit points or Special points during game play.

Cheats are available to play game with all the controls.

Basically you play the game as Tyki a blue haired fary girl fighting your way through dozens of monsters (for some unknown reason) That what to either eat you, make you an incubator, use you as a SOURCE of food, turn you into a breeder, or simply make you their sex doll until your final days.

Monsters and fight:

The scenes can get pretty “hard” like huge or all the way through (from ass out the mouth) penetrations and some watersports and one enemy involving scat though honestly you won’t notice that unless you’re looking for it. As for gameplay it’s one on one fights, save the drinking worms, against you and whatever monster. Except for when you play as the monster then you get to turn the tables and be the raper yourself. Also this game is HARD as it’s one of those h-games that you’re really not supposed to win but you can press up to activate cheats to help you out or down to warp right to your favorite monsters.

Fairy Fighting Controls:

Follow the following Controls while playing this game.

T = Up
B = Down
F = Left
H = RightQ = Weak Punch
W = Strong Punch
A = Weak Kick
S = Strong Kick


If you want to re-map the controls and understand them better, here you go:

Player1 KEY ?=38
Player1 KEY ?=37
Player1 KEY ?=40
Player1 KEY ?=39

Do this if you want to use the arrow keys.

ASD are keys A, B, and C.
QWE are keys D, E, and F. You don’t really need to remap these.


Fairy Fighting cheats :

Cheat 1: At the character select screen you can use the following cheats (only works when playing as Tiki):Stage Select – Up Key
SP/Life Recovery – Down Key

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Cheat 2: Go to the coach in Endeva first (the guy who is walking up and down the river). This coach is sporting a weak fairy, that is not fighting back. You should train there for at least 3 reasons:
1. your fairy’s experience and level will increase
2. you will earn coins (you will need them later)
3. you learn how to move and fight

Wild Fairies – Fairy Fighting

Later in the game you will be able to fight wild fairies. Take any chance to do so. The reasons are the same as above.Once you reached Dunmore, you may visit the second coach there. He is asking a fee of 60 coins for each fight and beside of the coins that are lost by the fairies infight, he is not giving any money back. He has 2 fairies without attacks and gives up to 125 points for each fight.Generally: train your fairies. Most fairies are getting stronger when levelling up.At first I had my problems with real time fighting, but I grew accustomed to it astonishingly fast. I expect you to do the same.

You have to get used to it and soon you will be able to fly and move and turn and fight real fast.Fairy Fighting Tips and Tricks. If you’re playing and taking part in as Tiki instead of the assorted monsters that creates up the rogue’s gallery of Fairy Fighting there are a number of some simple easy cheats available and offered to you.If, at the character selector screen, you press the UP arrow on your keyboard, it will provide you access to a stage selector choice. this is often a handy trick for those who wish to do at  different stages, However can’t quite get through to them in the game.Alternatively, if you push the DOWN arrow key then you may recover life/sp for Tiki.

Fairy Tales  is a type of short story that typically features for fairy fighting, fairy stories.

If you highlight Tiki on the chosen screen and select her with the W key then you get her regular look and skin, however if you select her with the S key then you get an alternate skin and hair color for when once you play the feisty little fairy within the coming and returning monstrous matches.

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Fairy Fighting is very famous game and anyone can enjoy by playing with this game.

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